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Delores Fosse, Merline Lovelace, Caro Carson
Merline Lovelace with Susan Grant and her daughter, a graduate
of the AF Academy and a brand new 2dt LT
Back row, left to right - Heather Nickoderm, Ann Muzzy, Beth Long, Colleen Laughlin and her friend
Front row, left to right - Rogenna Brewer, Tamara Worlton, Merline Lovelace, Cathy Maxwell 


From left to right - Sue Grant’s daugher, Courney, Gail Reinhardt, Sue Grant, Anne Muzzy, Ella Quinn, Tamara Worlton, Heather Nicoderm, Kim Lowe, Leah Marie Brown, and Merline Lovelace.

RWA 2015

RomVets own Caro Carson takes home a Rita.  RWA National Conference, Jul 2015 - from left to right, RomVets Jessica Scott, Caro Carson, Chrystene Bulter, Merline Lovelace

RWA 2015 RomVets

Call to Arms, RWA Nationals, Jul 2015, with JoAnne Ferguson, Geri Krotow, Merline Lovelace, Heather Nicoderm

RT 2015 RomVets

Writing Military Hero/Heroines panel at Romantic Times Convention, Dallas, April 2015 with Lucy Falcone, Heather Nicoderm, Dr. Tamara Worlton, & Merline Lovelace

RomVets Pic 2
Call to Arms, RWA Atlanta, 2006
Back Row (left to right): Lori Avocato, Allegra Johnston, Susan Grant
Seated: Deloris Lynders, Mary Jernigan, Cindy Dees, ?, Caroline Phipps
RomVets pic 1
Left to right:  Pam McCutcheon, Kitty Taylor, Nancy Brandt, Kayelle Allen, Janeen Johnson, Geri Krotow, Rae Monet, Shayla Kersten

RomVets Pic 3
Call to Arms, 2005 Romantic Times
Convention, St. Louis

Left to right: Pam McCutcheon, Elle James, Lindsay McKenna, Rae Monet, Cathy Maxwell, Joyce Adams, Sue Grant, Karen Hartline, Merline Lovelace


RomVets Pic 4
Pam McCutcheon, Pam Trader, and RT Reviewer Jill Smith


RomVets Pic 5
Rae Monet and Cindy Dees


RomVets Pics 6
Elle James, Cathy Maxwell and Susan Grant


RomVets pics 7
Lindsay McKenna and Merline Lovelace


Awards given to Lindsay McKenna 2014 RT Booklover's Conference,
New Orleans, LA

Pioneer Award for creating the 3-book consecutive series

Reviewer's Choice Award for Harlequin Romantic Suspense for 2013, BEYOND VALOR, Februrary, 2013, military suspense romance


Anne Elizabeth, author of military romance books presented Lindsay McKenna, US Navy (center) with the John P. Baca Congressional Medal of Honor Society coin.  Left is Kim Lowe, ROMVET, US Air Force during the SOS celebration at RT Conference.

Kim Lowe, US Air Force and Lindsay McKenna, US Navy, creator of the military romance.  Kim orchestrated the SOS gathering and it was a huge hit!


Kathe Robbin, Historical Romance Reviewer for RT Book Reviews has been doing this since 1983. Lindsay McKenna is an old friend of Kathe’s and they were glad to see one another.


Lindsay McKenna, US Navy, ROMVET with Publisher of RT Book Reviews, Kathryn Falk.  Kathryn has been highly instrumental in uplifting the honoring of the military at the SOS event.  Thank you, Kathryn!  A big salute to you!


Left, Joyce Lamb of Happily Ever After Blog USA Today and right, Lindsay McKenna, US Navy, ROMVET, got together over breakfast at RT Booklover’s conference.  Joyce has been very, very supportive of all things military and helping the military romance genre bloom. We owe her a great debt of thanks and a salute.


Lindsay McKenna, US Navy, ROMVET, being honored for pioneering and creating the 3-book consecutive series concept, and so was her editor who helped her bring into reality, Tara Gavin.  Thanks to them, series is a big hit in the publishing industry!


Tara Gavin, Executive Senior Editor, Harlequin and right, Lindsay McKenna, US Navy, ROMVET, sitting with her editor at the Awards ceremony at the RT Booklover’s Conference.