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Here’s a complete list of RomVets with their service branch, dates of service and military specialty.

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Joyce Adams,USA76-79, Admin/courier (IN MEMORY)
Kayelle Allen, USN, 73-77, Avionics
Rue Allyn, USN, 76-85, Sonar systems
Alessandra Alma, USAF, 02-06, Communications
Anne Ashby, Royal NZ Navy, 70-91, Communications
Heather Ashby, USN, 74-87, Personnel
Elizabeth Ashtree, USA, 84-86, JAG
Elisabeth Auld, USAF, 1990-2014, Airfield Operations (13M)
Lori Avocato, USAF, 76-80, Nurse
Angelina Barbin w/as Angelina Jameson, 85-95.ATC Radar Maintenance
Sheryl Babin, USAF, 96-2011, Education and Training
Connie Barbour, USA, 89-95, Military Police
Sheila Behr, USAF, 80-88, Comm/Computer Ops
Nichole Bennett, USAF, 92-98, Public Affairs
Terry Blain, www.facebook.com/TerryBlainAuthor, USN, 73-76, Electronics (IN MEMORY)
Jeannie Blethon-Rigod, USMC, 70-73, Finance
Teresa Bodwell, USA, 74-77, Band
Mary Boozer, USA, 87-92, Criminal Investigations Division
Nancy Brandt, USA, 77-80, Electronic Intercept
Rogenna Brewer, USN, 80-85, Administration
Sonia Brock, USMC, 82-85, Logistics and MP
Lorelie Brown, USA, 99-03, Administration
Leah Marie Brown, USAF, 89-91, Radio/TV Broadcasting
Shannon Brown, USN, 02-pres, Logistics
Isabel Berrios-Brown,  USAF, 89-93, Services
Amy Burns, USAF, 92-06, Comm, Personnel
Christyne Butler, USN, 87-92,Data processing
Lisa Campbell, USAF, 86-92, Logistics
Dee Cannon, USN 1983 to 2010 Nurse
Elizabeth Caraway, w/as Karida Clarke, USAF 02-08, 13-pres, Public Affairs
Stephanie Cardin, USA, 86-97, Military Police
Linda Carey, USA, 72-00, Nurse
Caro Carson, USA, 84-92, Military Police
Cynthia Carver, USN, 76-79, Aviation Machinist mate
PC Cast, USAF, 78-84, Communications
Barbara T. Cerny, 85-06, USA, Reservist and Signal Corps
Ann Chaney, US Army, 1973-74, 79-84, Military Intelligence
C.T. Charles, USMC, 82-84, Communications
Misty Chavis, USN, 80-05, Supply
Robelle Church, USAF, 2003-2009, Aircraft Maintenance 
Tanya Cienfuegos, US Army, 03-07, MI
Kim Cook,USA,75-78;88-93,Supply; aerovac
Lisa Carlisle, USMC, 92-94, Communications
Haley Cavanagh, w/as Roxanne D. Howard, USA, 98-03, Executive Administration
Monica Corwin, USA, 05-12, Signals Intelligence Analyst
Diana Cosby, USN, 78-96, Meteorologist
Sara Crabtree/Pen Sara Hubbard,Canadian Naval Reserves (Naval Communicator) 1998-2005, Canadian Air Force (Nursing Officer) 2009-Present
Tracey Cramer-Kelly, Army National Guard medic
C.K. Crouch, USA, 74-78, Quartermaster
Julia Cummings, USMC, 89-92, Aviation Radio Repair
Carolyn Curtice, USAF, 82-91, Pilot
Sylvia Day, USA, 94-95, Russian Linguist
Tarina Deaton, USAF, 92-current, Operations Intelligence
Cindy Dees, USAF, 84-92, Pilot
Kim Deister, USA, 88-90, 90-97, 00-03, Supply, SIGINT/Linguist, Admin
Delilah Devlin, USA, 78-03, Signal Corps
Yvonne Doll, USA, 77-03, Military Police
Fiona Druce, 01-04, Army, 35N
Ann Duff, USN,90-Pres, Human Resources
Brenda Corey Dunne, RCAF, 89-97, Physiotherapy Officer
Diana Duval, USAF, 86-90, Transportation
Jenn Donnelly, USAF, 98-00, Combat Correspondent
Lucy Fazely, USAF, 82-85, Medical Tech
Christina Freeburn, US Army, Sep 1988-March 1991, 71D Legal Specialist
Jo Ann Brown Ferguson w/a Jo Ann Brown,joannbrownbooks.com, USA, 74-76, Quartermaster
Mary Fishler-Fisk, USN, 81-05, Surface Warfare Officer
Jackie Fleming, USAF, 76-86, NDI/Personnel
Shelleyanne Fogarty, Royal Australian Navy,  2000-pres, Submariner
Delores Fossen, USAF, 74-84, Personnel
Jennifer France, USF, 85-05, SM1(SW/AW)
Jambrea Gaff, USAF, 97-99, Computer Ops
Barbara Garren, USN '84-'94, Hull Technician Chief (HTC/surface warfare)
Loni Glover, USN, 87-89, Logistics
Susan Grant, USAF, 78-89, Pilot
Allegra Gray, USAF, 95-06, Contracting
Sharon Griffiths, USMC,  81-06, Avionics
Beth Irwin w/a Beth Treadway, USAF, 88-94, JAG
Barbara Ivie Green, USAF 85-88, Avionics Instrument System Technician.
Cindy Haak, USAF, 78-89, AWACS surveillance
Heather Harley, USA, 99-01, Legal Specialist
Rebecca Harmon, USN 81-87, Hospital Corpsman/MedLabTech
Gail Hart, USAF, 81-04, JAG
Karen Hartline, USAF, 86-90, Medical Tech
Nannette Hawkins, USA, 90-97, Communications
Breanna Hayse, USMC Intell Specialist, 82-88
Kelli (Dippery) Heneghan, U.S. Army. 1994-1997, Nurse Corps
Alison Hentges, USAF, 78-92, Maintenance
Unique Hiram w/a U.M. Hiram, USN, 1992-2013 Logistics
Ilena Holder, www.facebook.com/colorof.theflame, USN, 72-76, Aviation Storekeeper
Jen Holling, USAF, 90-96, Satellite Comm
Elaine Hopper, USAF, 79-84, Computer Maintenance
Loribelle Hunt, USA, 93-95, Military Police
Charlotte Hunter, USN, 88-10, Chaplain
Beverley Hughes, w/a Beth Lanier, USMC, 1978 - 1986, Photographer/Graphics
Karin Huxman, USAF, 79-83, Communications
Larissa Ione, USAF, 90-93, Meteorologist
Candace Irvin, USA/USN, 83-91, Surface ships
Kathleen Toomey Jabs, USNA 1988, Navy, 1988-present, public affairs
Dawn Jackson, USA, 87-91, Intelligence
Stephanie Jacobson, USMC, 93-98, Communications
Shirley Jakway, writing as Mairi Norris, USN, Medic, 80-88,
Elle James, USA/USAF, 82-pres, MP, Transp, Med Svcs
Jordyn James, USANG, 95-pres, Band
Elizabeth Johns, USAF, 2012-present, Physician Assistant
Janeen Johnson, USAF, 77-81, Civil Engineering
Marie Johnston, USARNG, 95-01, Carpenter/Mason
Leslie Jones, USA, 87-98, Military Intelligence
Roxanne Kean, USA, 76-78, Communications
Lisa Kenney, USAF, 80-94, Communications
Shayla Kersten, USA, 80-84, Artillery
Pam Kinney, USA, 76, Administration
Geri Krotow, USN, 82-95, Air/ASW Intel
Beth Langston, USAF, 82-92, Computer Ops
Colleen Laughlin w/a Colleen Myers, USAF, 2000-2007, Physician
Mahalia Levey, USN, 93-01, Undesignated
Karen Lingefelt USAF, 79-88, Admin
Beth A. Long, USAF, 89-97, Communications
Siera London, USN, 91-13, Nurse Corps
Kim Lowe, USAF, 87-99, Comm/Computer
Carrie Lower, USA, 91-95, Personnel
Jennifer Lovett, AFR, May 2001 to present, Public Affairs Officer
Merline Lovelace, USAF, 68-91, Personnel
Latoya Lucas, USA, 99-04, Civil Engineering
Dawn Luedecke, USCG, 01-05, Gunners Mate
Reana Malori, USMC, 91-98, Legal Specialist
Annie Marshall, USA, 97-95, Military Police
Cathy Maxwell, USN,76-82, Intelligence
Bess McBride, USAF, 73-96, Information Management
Anne McClain, USAF, 87-97, Fuels Management
Dawn McClure, USN, 95-98, Cryptology tech
Heather McCoubrey, USAF, 94-98, Comm/Computer Ops
BriGette McCoy, Spc, USA, 87-91, 72G data telecommunication computer operator
Pam McCutcheon, USAF, 75-85, Civil Engineer
Judy McDonough, USN, 99-04, Information Systems
Crista McHugh, USAF, 04-09, Physician,
Lindsay McKenna, USN, 64-67, Meteorology
Stacy McKitrick, USA, 76-81, Administration
Rachel McWilliams, 04-06, USA broadcast journalist, 08-09 wisconsin national guard
Alison Mello, MA Army National Guard 98-06 Supply 
Christina Milway, USMC and US Army, service years 92-07, Ammunition Specialist
Laura Mitchell, w/as www.ellen-campbell.com and Amalie Beauchamp, US Army 77-81, Medical Specialist, Clinical Specialist, Supply Specialist
Elizabeth Moon, USMC, 68-71, Computer Ops
Rae Monet, USAF, 84-90, Administration
Mary Monnin, writing as M. A. Monnin, USAF, 79-83, NavAids Repairman
Danielle Monsch, 92-00, Navy reserves
Jean-Murray, USN, 91-11, Navy Nurse Corps
Bridget Nagarajan USA Reserve 2000-2008
Shannon Nemechek USA 1987-2015 Retired 92Y Unit Supply, 79R Recruiter
Tia Nevitt, USAF, 84-88
Cherie Noel, Army; 1998-2002; 54Bravo (Chemical Corps)
Anji Nolan, 68-69 WRAF Air Traffic Control 
Cece Null, USAF, 74-76; present, Nurse
Colleen Oefelein writing as CM McCoy, USAF Ret, 2002-2008 Engineer
Beverly Ovalle, USN,82-87, Gunners Mate Guns SAMI
Nancy Parra, USAF, 83-87, Satellite Downlink Repair
Colleen Passmore, USAF, 95-98, Military Police
C.E. Paul, USAF 01-04, CA ANG 04-present, comm & intel
Barbara Phinney, CDF/A, 75-95, Transportation
Lisa Pietsch, USAF, 91-98, Military Police
Jo Anne Pinney, USAF, 88-10, Logistics Officer
Paige Prince, USA, 02-08, Cryptologist
Ella Quinn, 75-80, 92-96, JAG
Jamie Rae, 98-01, USAF, Dentist
Suzanne S. Rancourt, 77-80, 87 - 90, and 2005 -2008 , USMC and Army, Photo journalist/public affairs, medic respectively
Angel Ray, USAF, 99-05, Information Manager
JoAnn Reardon, USN, 88-94, Cryptologist
Sha Renée, USN, 83-87, General Aviation.
Taylor Reynolds, USA, 96-00; 02-03,Arabic linguist
Anna Richland, USA 1992-2004, JAG
Maggie Rivers, USAF, 67-69; Medic
Sandy Robinson,  USAF 72-79.
Nathalie Rochon, CDF, 80-00, Administration
Kathryn Rogow, USNR-Ret, 85-92, 00-15, cryptology and IT; made chief.
Teresa Rozich, USAF, 80-00, Meteorology
Juno Rushdan, USA/USAF, 93-pres, Intelligence
Jessica Russell, USAF, 97-pres, Biomedical Equip
Shelagh Rivera, USN, 74-95, Nurse
Sharon Scobie, WRAF UK, 78-86, Military Police
Jessica Scott, USA 1995 - present, Signal Officer
Anne Marie Scott, USAF, 88-09, Space Operations
Heather Rae Scott, USAF, 90-92, Services
Stephanie Shannon, USA, Sgt. 1987 to 1998, 88M - Transportation Specialist
Christine Simpson, USA, 96-98, Cryptologist
E Kaylene Sims as E Kay Sims, USAF 90-91 Logistics, Military Customs Inspector
Lucy Slagel, USN, 73-93, Intelligence
Cara J. Smith, USA, 81-85, Transportation
Regan Smith, USA 1976-1987, USAR 1987-1996, Counterintelligence Special Agent
Terry (T.L.) Smith, USAF, 1978-81, Radar/Comm
Terry (Wilde) Spear, USAR, 77-99, Personnel
Carol Spencer, CDF/AF, 74-98, Supply
Julie Spurgeon, USN, 80-85, Ocean Systems Analyst
Marie Sterling, US Army 1996-2010  Admin/Military Intelligence 
Alison Stuart, Australian Army Reserve, 1981-2000 Legal Corps (mostly)
Amy Stuart, USAF, 74-75, Avionics
Andree Swanson, USAF, 84-pres, Public Affairs
Charity Tahmaseb, USA, 88-93, Intelligence
Tyrenna Tolbert, USAR, 88-pres, Logistics
Kitty Taylor, USAF, 68-93, Nursing
Lynn Tayler (w/a Cate Tayler), USAF/USAFR, 95-01, Intelligence Operations
Roni Thompson, USAF, 69-71, Computer Ops
Valerie Tibbs, Navy, 84-92, Admin
Sarah Tiller, USA, 90-pres, Nursing
Pam Trader, USAF, 80-00, Command Post
Carol Umberger, USAF, 73-85, Transportation
Pamela Varnado, 80-84, Telecommunications
Andrea Vetter, USAF/G, 85-pres, Intel; Egress Specialist
Suzanne Voris, USA, 87-pres, Logistics
Susan Ann Wall, also w/a Ann Victor, USA, 94-99, Military Intelligence
Kelly Washington, USA 97-01, Intelligence
Megan Westfield, US Navy, 03-08, Surface Warfare Officer
Jeane Westin, USA, 51-57, Cryptologist
Patricia Wheeler, USMC, 76-79, Accounting
Sandy Wickersham-McWhorter, USAF, 71-73, Medical Tech
Sharon Wildwind, USA, 70’s, Nursing
Lawan Williams, USAF, 96-pres, Mental Health Counselor
Anne Wilson, USN, 89-98, Pilot 
Tamara Worlton, USN, 99-present, surgeon
Isabella Wooldridge, USAF, 86-07, Maintenance
Gail Yohe, USA, Pres, Physician

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